Your Trusted HVAC Partner for Growing Cannabis Indoors Commercially

SS Service Corp announces the addition of full-service Marijuana Cultivation Environmental Controls and agricultural facility buildout/retrofitting. The number one reason indoor cannabis cultivation fails is choosing the wrong partners. SS Service Corp is the partner that could make all the difference in growing cannabis indoors.

Hydroponic Marijuana's Unique Needs

growing marijuan in controlled environment​​Grow facilities for marijuana plants are relatively unique. Each room of your grow operation will have a different purpose, different needs and has to be built keeping that in mind. These hydroponic facilities have HVAC-specific needs, and SS Service Corp is prepared to meet this market’s need. SS Service Corp’s emphasis lies in supplying industrial solutions to commercial indoor cannabis cultivation facilities. The best way to increase your production is to build HVAC systems that will maintain ideal conditions for your plants.

We continually seek to create technologies that allow growers to easily meet the highly specific demands of a cannabis cultivation environment through temperature, humidity, light and process control. The environment for cultivation has to be managed properly in order to successfully grow cannabis indoors and SS Service Corp is the company for the task. Our highest priority is to provide clever solutions that improve the quality, control and overall yield and efficiency of indoor cannabis cultivation.

Know your goals for growing cannabis indoors

The real challenge is to provide HVAC units that can meet the high sensible heat loads that are present during the lights-on periods. These systems also need to be able to provide high levels of latent cooling as the plants transpire. A lot of temperature control needs to be considered when setting up your grow operation.

Know what you are looking for by asking a few questions:

  1. How much heat (or sensible load) needs to be removed or added?
  2. How much moisture (or latent load) needs to be removed or added?
  3. When do we need to remove or add heat or moisture?
  4. After considering the basics, the next step is to determine what the system needs to be able to do. Here are some questions to ask:
  5. What type of facility are you growing in?
  6. Where is your facility located?
  7. What temperature and relative humidity are you trying to achieve?
  8. How much heat is generated by lights, people and other equipment?
  9. How much moisture is transpired by plants and evaporated by the irrigation system or aquaponics tanks?
  10. How are you growing (benches, racks, pots, tanks, etc.)?
  11. Do you have a construction budget?

Source: “Designing the Right HVAC System for Your Operation” (presentation) Nadia Sabeh

Our Full-Service HVAC Systems

Each room of your grow operation will have a different purpose and should be built keeping that purpose in mind. The conditions inside your grow and bloom rooms are the Achilles heel of your operation. The best way to protect your production is to build HVAC systems that maintain ideal conditions. Production rooms will need to have the proper balance of temperature, humidity and airflow. By using HVAC tools like air conditioning, a grower can keep the temperature within a 5 degree range all year and utilize growing methods like CO2 enrichment, which can increase yields dramatically.

Your HVAC system will need to do something it was made to do — move air. Airflow is vital to a healthy plant canopy; it will help you prevent hot or cold spots and keep molds and mildews from seeding. It will also keep your plants moving and vibrating, creating stronger stalks and heartier vegetation, which will help your plant produce and support larger buds.

Climate control is everything, so make sure it’s right. If you’re reacting to a predictable and preventable disaster, you need to make sure that the next dollars you spend guarantee your climate is under control. A lot of the problems blamed on growers are actually environmental issues from growing cannabis indoors.

The path to get a license to grow legalized Marijuana is no simple task; let SS Service Corp take one less hassle off your plate. SS Service has over 40 years of experience in climate control and is ready to put that experience to work helping you grow marijuana indoors. Let’s travel this exciting path as legalized Cannabis takes off in New England.

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